The philosophy of iCDE

An efficient process driven by technology.

A modern CDE system
for everyone.

iCDE is a Common Data Environment (CDE) platform. We created it based on years of experience in successfully delivering construction projects in Poland, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia to meet the needs of any construction market.

  • Freedom of choice

    We guarantee freedom of choice in every sense of the word. You have complete freedom to choose the methodology you work with, the naming standards, process schemas, and the number of project participants and their permissions. You can customise your iCDE exactly to meet your needs without our assistance. And if you choose to do so, you can leave iCDE with your project at any time, taking all the files and complete information about them. You can work with them outside of iCDE or have an additional external data backup.
  • Simplicity and flexibility

    We believe that tools are made for humans, not the other way around. iCDE can be tailored to the needs of teams, organisations, and individual users. Defining processes according to your requirements and changing project settings and standards at any stage is easy and seamless. You can effortlessly modify existing methods, add new ones, manage participants, and adjust naming conventions. All of this is designed to make information management simple and intuitive.
  • openBIM

    The availability and exchange of information among process participants are vital to delivering a project on time and within budget. iCDE was created to connect all process participants at every project stage. Additionally, we support using files stored in open standards (such as the IFC schema) and integrating data from various sources.
  • Not only BIM

    By using iCDE, you don’t need specialised BIM knowledge. You can configure your platform on your own however you want. Define your directory structures. iCDE won’t turn your world upside down or add more work for you. On the contrary, it allows you to work how you like and has been doing it for years. iCDE makes it even easier.
  • Sky is the limit

    The collaboration of excellent IT specialists with construction practitioners utilises our extensive experience in the practical implementation of CDE systems during construction projects. It allows us to continuously develop iCDE to meet the market’s actual needs. We are constantly working on introducing new features to make iCDE the best possible Common Data Environment platform.

I choose iCDE.

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