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How does iCDE work?

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iCDE is a platform that makes your work easier and more efficient, regardless of your role within the organization or project.

System Administrator

The System Administrator is responsible for establishing organisational information standards and ensuring implementation. They determine who has access to the system. Making changes in these areas is easy, thanks to automatic updates in ongoing projects. The Administrator also manages the overall information security and data stored in the system. iCDE’s step-by-step configuration and automated notification system ensure the Administrator’s convenience when managing the system.

Project Administrator

The Project Manager initiates, suspends, and closes projects. They determine which specific information standards will be applied in the project and define its structure. With iCDE, they can make changes freely. The platform allows for updating project standards, procedures, and settings at any time without the risk of data loss. Simple configuration processes, up-to-date reports, and automated notifications enable effective project control at every stage.

Project Participant

A Project Participant has access only to the data specified by their permissions. They can upload files to the system and view, download, update, or share them with others. They can initiate specific processes, such as a request for a review, commenting, or sending a cover letter with a file. They are automatically informed about any events relevant to them. A unique feature of iCDE is the ability to personalise the application’s appearance, directory structures, document name views, filters, and notifications.

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Batch File Import

A unique feature of iCDE is the ability to quickly import many files from an external source. The files are automatically named according to the adopted file naming standard. This makes it very easy to utilise iCDE even in ongoing projects. The imported files can have names that are:

  • consistent with the standard used in the project;
  • standardised through the use of an existing file naming and/or directory structure;
  • free text.

Detailed information about each file

By using the Single File View, you can access all the information about the status and history of each file, including:

  • key data (author, industry, company, project stage),
  • project-specific attributes (e.g., location, file data type, file content),
  • current file status (e.g., revision number, suitability code),
  • version history,
  • history of processes the file has undergone,
  • attached documents and related files,
  • content preview for selected file formats.

User’s Project Portfolio

Platform users can participate in multiple projects simultaneously, fulfilling various roles and having different permissions. The Portfolio view allows quick access to a selected project, while the current notifications window enables an immediate transition to files/projects requiring attention and specific actions to be taken.

Intuitive Permission System

Each project user is granted permissions that provide access to specific file groups, the ability to initiate particular processes, or make decisions with varying levels of responsibility. User permissions can have different levels for different projects and can be changed during the project’s duration.

Project Repository

The project repository window allows for a quick preview of the current state of files from a selected directory or group of directories. The files are displayed with their original names or following an adopted naming standard, along with the current revision, purpose (suitability code), or the status of processes to which the file was subjected.

Work in Progress (WIP) Areas

According to the PN ISO 19650 standard, every company/organisation participating in a project should have a protected Work in Progress (WIP) area. WIP areas are created when defining the project structure, which can be broken down into individual spaces or shared with other project participants. Any changes within the WIP areas require approval from authorised individuals to ensure the privacy and integrity of files.

iCDE functionality

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The iCDE platform enables effective management of traditional documentation, BIM and CAD models, and GIS databases.

The complete repository of the project

Full version history and process log of each document

Dedicated secure Work in Progress (WIP) areas

Automation of information management processes

Standardisation of document names

Batch import of project documentation

Export your project outside the iCDE

The ability to work by ISO 19650.

Support for openBIM standards


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