Make faster
better decisions

iCDE enables easy and efficient management of diverse data throughout construction investments, saving you time and money.

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Why iCDE?

Always on time, always on budget

Every investment process involves thousands of documents and files. Collecting, searching, and sharing them at the right moment is one of the biggest challenges in modern construction. That’s why we created iCDE: to make information management simple and intuitive.


Freedom of choice to ensure your organization’s independence.


Ease of use for effective work.


Flexibility to use industry or own standards.


Intuitive configuration according to your needs.


Easy configuration changes without compromising data integrity.


What does iCDE offer?

Your key to an efficient process

We created iCDE to provide a solid foundation for digitizing data and processes in your company, even if you have no IT knowledge.

Knowledge Hub

Complete documentation in one place

Built-in CAD and BIM file viewer

Easy integration of data from various sources

Efficient processes

Complete flexibility in defining document flow

Adaptability to various procedures and processes

Intuitive configuration of formal processes

Full progress control

Designated work areas for each user

Complete history of every document

Progress reports on every project

Easy standardization

Defining custom standards

Automatic document and file naming

Importing documentation in any standard

Continuous access to information

Access via a web browser

Freedom to choose where to store your data

Unlimited number of project participants

Tailored to you

A platform built to fit any market

Intuitive configuration according to your needs

Every user can personalize the application

iCDE functionality

Exactly how you need it

Transparent file repository
Up-to-date knowledge
Quick file preview
Intuitive project configuration

For whom?

iCDE is designed for anyone involved in the planning, preparation, execution, and supervision of construction investments.

Clients and investors


Designers and planners

General contractors